First Pass Lathe Images

Here’s a quick render of the Yeoman’s Lathe I made last night. It’s extremely rough: I threw the model into Blender and hit render less than 30 minutes later.

My workflow right now is to do modeling in Sketchup, export to a .obj file, and import into Blender. As I refine the materials it will be pretty quick to import updated geometry from Sketchup, apply my pre-defined materials and textures to the new geometry, and pump out the renders. And the lights and environment will continue to get better as I go along. Can’t wait to start animating!

Here are some examples of the type of images we’re going to use in the How to Build document, currently straight from Sketchup. Still all rough draft / first pass type stuff.

Material Layout for the Concrete Forms

Material Layout for the Forms

Form box assembled, ready for pour

Form Box Assembled

Peeling the form off after the pour

Bed Cast, Taking Form Boards Off

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