Visions I

[This is a series of posts focused on visions of a hopeful, intentional future. See this post for why developing compelling visions of the future we want is important.]

[Future: The Myst Aesthetic]

I have a confession to make. I love just about every single thing associated with the Myst mythos. Heaven for me would be to die and wake up in this world:

Myst IV: Revelation. HQ world

[All these images from Myst IV: Revelation. Via MYSTerium.]

A lot of the buildings appear to grow out of the landscape. At the least, the styles are clearly vernacular and the materials are contextual to the local environment. There is a balance between what one imagines as the pre-development environment and what the characters built for their uses.

Cliff Dwelling

The existing landscape wasn’t bulldozed and razed to make way for the buildings and machines, yet neither are the human environments built aloofly separate. The natural and man-made environments and systems are integrated, defying the establishment of clear devising lines between them.

These worlds are at once world-made-by-hand, technological, artful, spiritual, and ecological.

Not only do I want to make art that approaches this style and vision, I want to make the world approach this style and vision.

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