Concrete Lathe Project

Designed for developing world entrepreneurs who provide services in the informal economies of countries like Ghana and Kenya, the Concrete Lathe is a rotary machine tool that is necessary for maintenance and production of basic machines and parts. Unlike prohibitively expensive commercial lathes, the Concrete Lathe can be constructed by scrap and other cheap, readily-available materials and help machinists in the developing world bootstrap their businesses.


Check out the how to build manual that’s up on Make.

Here are all of my posts on the concrete lathe project in one place so they’re easy to find. If you’re new to the project, I’d start at the top. Also, the current drawing and model files can be downloaded here¬†from the project wiki.

How Not to Model an Appropriate Technology Project Using Sketchup

Lathe Manual v1.10

Lathe Background and FAQ

Design Drawings, First Public Review Set

First Pass of the How-to-Build Manual

First Pass Lathe Images (old)

Introduction to the Lathe Project